ESSIO Announces Launch: Brings the Spa Experience to Each and Every Shower

January 09, 2017
Santa Monica, Calif. // ESSIO ( today announced its official brand launch, introducing its patented new aromatherapy system, which uses the power of essential oils to turn the everyday shower into a spa-like experience. 
The ESSIO concept is simple: the product attaches to virtually any shower and uses disposable pods to slowly release blends of pure essential oils into the shower water, thereby creating an aromatic effect. The product is made from premium materials and uses only 100% USDA-certified organic essential oils sourced sustainably from around the world. ESSIO pods are also adjustable, allowing consumers to regulate the aroma intensity depending on their preferences, and to switch scents at any time. 

The signature product – the ESSIO Starter Kit – comes with the shower device plus three essential oil pods and requires no tools to set up. The starter kit is priced affordably at $44.99 and provides healthy lifestyle consumers a hassle-free way to enjoy one of the most ancient therapeutic traditions. A variety of six blends, from a lavender-infused Night blend to a eucalyptus-based Breathe blend, are also available for purchase on the ESSIO website and are designed to suit the emotional state of customers at any given point in their day. 
 “Consumers usually associate aromatherapy with an expensive treatment at the spa,” said Peter Friis, the company’s CEO and co-founder. “With ESSIO, consumers can now take the spa home and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in the comfort of their personal shower. ESSIO transforms the traditional shower into a therapeutic and revitalizing experience that leaves the mind relaxed and the body refreshed, all at an affordable price.” 
ESSIO is currently available to order on its website (, where consumers can also learn more about aromatherapy and how the product works. ESSIO is also sold in upscale spas, high-end hotels and personal care, specialty retail channels.